Patient Satisfaction Survey

Patient Satisfaction Survey (PDF)

Nutricia Homeward


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Nutricia Homeward is committed to providing high quality care and it's important to us to understand how our patients feel about the service they receive from the Nutricia Homeward team.


"I am incredibly proud to be surrounded by a team of professionals who strive to deliver the high quality service and ensure everyone who needs or cares for someone requiring enteral nutrition, can do so safely and independently at home. I know how valuable and appreciated this is by all who experience it"

Catherine Shakespeare, Head of Nursing Services

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Maintaining our Best Care culture is very important to the entire Nutricia Homeward team. We want to make sure our patients receive the best service possible and all interactions throughout their Nutricia Homeward journey are as positive as they can be.

Sending patient satisfaction surveys to our patients helps us to understand what we are doing we and how we can improve.

  • Every new patient receives a patient satisfaction survey 6 weeks after their registration with the Nutricia Homeward service
  • A second survey is sent when a patient has been with Nutricia Homeward for a year, this is subsequently followed by an annual survey on the anniversary of their registration

How did we do in 2018? Patients gave 4 or 5 stars to the Nutricia Homeward service.

*36666 surveys (combination of new patient and annual), 5199 returned = 15% response rate.


"As a nurse, I can make such a difference to a patient's life"

Iris McLachlan, Nutricia Enteral Nurse Specialist (Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland)

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If you were visited by your Nutricia Homeward nurse, please tell us how we did.

Our Nutricia Homeward nursing service scored 95%

"Enjoyed the home visits, warm and friendly nurses, made me feel relaxed"

"Sally, from day one has been a credit to her profession - a lovely woman"

"Very connected, compassionate and human"


"My motivation is supporting our home tube feeding patients - I can't imagine not having someone there to help"

Sue Hudd, Nutricia Homeward Careline Co-ordinator

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Tell us how we did when you spoke to Nutricia Homeward customer services on the phone.

Our Nutricia customer services team scored 95%

"All staff are friendly and always do their best to give the best customer service"

"I was not prepared for my husband being discharged early and therefore did not have any feed but your staff quickly arranged a delivery to us. Fantastic!"


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Tell us how we did when you received a delivery from us.

Our Nutricia Homeward delivery drivers scored 92%

"Always early, polite delivery drivers"

"The driver was punctual, friendly, also carried my Fortisip up a flight of stairs to my front door"

"Quick and full delivery within 24 hours of arriving at new address"


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How likely are you to recommend the Nutricia Homeward services to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?

Friends and family score for 2018 - 92%

"Your best is excellent. Keep up the good work"

"You are and have always in the past 5 years been kind, and always there to help"


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