Epilepsy & COVID-19

Epilepsy Ireland

Epilepsy and Coronavirus


The information provided gives some practical general information relating to epilepsy and COVID-19.


  1. Where can I find general information on COVID19?
  2. Does having epilepsy make me more prone to the virus?
  3. Will there be an impact on the supply of Anti – Epileptic drugs (AEDS)
  4. Are my AEDS immunosuppressant?
  5. What if I have to self – isolate?
  6. Are Epilepsy Ireland still available?
  7. I’m developing symptoms of COVID19 – what do I do?
  8. Have Epilepsy Nurse Teams been redeployed due to COVID?
  9. Is there any other advice that is important to keep in mind?


The most up-to-date information about the outbreak, including information for returning travelers, can be found on the HSE website.