Paediatric Allergy

1. BSACI Modifications For Paediatric Allergy Services during COVID-19 

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2. Resources to support virtual clinics

    • Neocate LCP Recipe Guide Download here

    • Neocate LCP Parent Guide Download here

    • Patient Support Websites: A support website for parents of children who have been prescribed Neocate. A website dedicated to giving your patients all the information they need on Cow’s Milk Allergy.

    • Download the Neocate app:

      Parents can download the MyNeocate App from the Apple App Store for tools, tips, recipes and articles to help them manage their child’s Allergy.

    3. Managing childhood allergies and immunodeficiencies during respiratory virus epidemics – the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic

    A statement from the EAACI-Section on Pediatrics

    View the statement HERE